About Us

I am Bob Nagel and I guess my story begins when I  received my  BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, Champaign. My  first major assignment after schooling was with the US EPA, where for ten years I developed and produced public education media for the five state midwest region and the international Great Lakes Sciences Laboratory. Following more schooling at Columbia College, Chicago and MFA work  in Film, I produced and directed several internationally acclaimed  animated shorts and taught film animation college courses.   Taking my animation talents to the next level, I became  a videogame artist and programmer creating animation and graphics for videogame development for several commercial  developers, Atari Inc.,  Incredible Technologies and High Voltage Software over the next 15 years. In 2001,  leveraging my expertise in game  and interactive design, I joined Impact Education Inc. of Chicago, as an instructional design consultant and spent 2 years developing level 4 interactive 3D scenario games for banking security training among a catalogue of interactive simulation corporate courses. After the strong enthusiasm and success for my  interactive elearning courses  Duckfeet Designs  was formed with my wife Emerson.

Emerson Nagel is a graduate of Wellesely College with a BS in English and Economics. Her first forays into business after school were in private banking with New York  and Latin American Banks. Quickly moving up into the finance side of the banks, she became a vice president of securities risk management at First Chicago and is a well respected international speaker on banking risk. As an accomplished writer, her articles have appeared regularly in the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times and the National Conservancy Magazine. With a strong interest in childrens education, she has written over twenty childrens books and has contributed  her business acumen to many classroom based educational and corporatel projects and courses.

Duckfeet Designs was established in 2001 in Evanston, Illinois and  has been providing a wide range of eLearning development services for international businesses and schools. With strong foundation of business and narrative writing with state of the art instructional design and media delivery, Duckfeet Designs, is involved in a wide range of educational and instructional projects from developing  capital improvement projects like building libraries and puppet theaters in public schools to creating high impact financial online courses for financial institutions and academies.

In 2005 we and our two children moved to Comala, Mexico where they have built a house in a small pueblo outside of Colima, Colima.  We work in our office/studio looking out on a small orchard of coffee, mangos, lemons, limes and bananas.  Here we thrive and strive to create learning media and courses that touch people all over the world . We believe for learning to be successful it must be engaging and meaningful.


Some have asked where the company name is derived, here’s a link to help explain.