About Us !DRAFT!

We draw upon our experience in eLearning development, video-game development, filmmaking and business and educational writing to deliver highly effective and thoughtful eLearning solutions. My approach is a conversational one. Learning is personal. The primal learning master/apprentice form that learning takes makes the intimacy of the communication imperative. When the mass marketing of school necessitates large groups and mass produced textbooks, the raising of a students hand, and the choosing for the one on one moment with the teacher is crucial for schooling to take place. With online learning the personalization is even more important. This personalization of teaching is something that I strive to imbue in my courses and learning projects.

Duckfeet Designs was established in 1995 in Evanston, Illinois by Bob and Emerson Nagel and since has been providing a wide range of eLearning development services for international businesses.  In 2005 we and our two children moved to Comala, Mexico where we have built a house in a small pueblo outside of Colima, Colima.  We work in our office/studio looking out on a small orchard of coffee, mangos, lemons, limes and bananas.  Here we thrive and strive to create learning media and courses that touch people;  because we believe for learning to be successful it must be engaging. Even more so for distant and web learning.


Some have asked where the company name is derived, here’s a link to help explain.