High Voltage Maintenance Safety

Project: High Voltage Electrical Safety Course
Role: Instructional Designer/Developer
Year completed: 2013
Software/languages used: HTML, CSS, Flashbuilder, Photoshop, 3d Studio Max

Description: Designed and programmed this intensive online training simulation. The simulations allowed the user to adjust all the variables in high voltage maintenance scenarios to study and learn the consequences of improper electrical maintenance  procedures.


Click Image To Play Video
Select a danger level in the top selection meter. Select a distance from the device by moving the slider under the character. Press the power button to charge the scenario. Cursor over the character body to receive the damage report. Press the power button again to reset.

Client: Qube Learning Inc. We wanted a simulation module to teach the consequences of high voltage hazards for maintenance technicians and amplify the Safety Standards for High Voltage Maintenance. Solution: I developed a series of modules that with an animated avatar  interactively changed the distance and power of the electricity to display the hazard at each variable.  The modules allows the learner to explore the various hazardous consequences in a dramatic way from distance and power that are the basis of the Regulations.