Security Lighting Sim


Project: Security Lighting: Evaluation Simulation
Role: Instructional Designer/Developer
Year completed: 2010
Software/languages used: HTML, CSS, Director Shockwave, W3D, Photoshop

Description: This is developed to help train lighting inspectors and sales personnel to recognize where security lighting is needed in a commercial environment. It is fully explorable 3D environment allowing RPD type movement through the gamelike interface created in 3D Studio max, programmed in Lingo and compiled in Adobe Director.  You, as a security lighting salesman official must inspect the bank for suspicious items and respond
with the recommended lighting. The star button controls your direction and movement.
The camera button toggles your view. The question button delivers instructions. Mouse rollover delivers pop up information about the objects in the scene. A question panel presents the criteria and information for scoring and price.

Client: Impact Education Inc.

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